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The Association's mission is to provide enjoyment for all, and encourage the concept of wellness. Activities are hosted at the Burnside Agriplex and are open only to paid members who are fifty-five years of age and older, as well as those not yet fifty-five years of age but completely retired.

The membership year runs January 1 to December The annual membership can be purchased during the following periods, at the flat rates:. Please note that some activities have minimal participation fees. If you wish to become a member or have additional questions, visit the Burnside Agriplex, McCarthy Road office, Monday through Friday from am - 12 and 1pm - pm or call All meetings are held at the Stratford Burnside Agriplex.

To participate in activities, you must be an active member and register in advance online using our Recreation Registration. You can also register by calling during office hours. Starting September 22,the City of Stratford will comply with the Province of Ontario's mandate to require proof of full vaccination against COVID prior to entering indoor recreation facilities. This includes the Stratford Agriplex. To support a smooth admission into the Agriplex, here will be your steps to enter:.

Also, just a reminder that to attend any active adult activity, you must pre-register via our online recreation registration. Our weekly activity schedule can be found below. Those who are not fully vaccinated two doses of vaccine plus 14 days or who choose not to disclose their vaccination status will not be permitted to enter.

Anyone entering those recreational facilities will also be actively screened, which means health and COVID-related questions will be asked prior to entry. Children who are under the age of 12 and unable to be vaccinated will be exempt. Patrons Private club Stratford mature lonely 18 years of age who are entering the indoor recreational facility solely for the purpose of actively participating in an organized sport will not be required to show proof of vaccination. Patrons of the Saturday Farmers Market at the Agriplex will not be required to show proof of vaccination.

Individuals who are entering a City recreational facility solely for the purpose of using the public washrooms will not be required to show proof of vaccination. Other safety measures, including the requirement for face masks and proper physical distancing, will still apply to anyone entering these recreational facilities. The City of Stratford will employ a security firm to support our staff in verifying proof of vaccination at our facilities. Those who need assistance to obtain their receipt can call the Provincial Vaccine Contact Centre at The Stratford Public Library is also offering to help citizens access their vaccine receipts, and print them free of charge.

A change from year's past, the first two weeks of pickleball will not be free. Both memberships are due on or before the last business day before the start of your first game. No exceptions. Each open play session will be limited to a maximum of 32 or 64 registrants, and registrants are to organize their own playing groups and games. The purpose behind a round robin is to play others at random, in the spirit of having fun and being social.

Each recreational round robin session will allow 64 players to compete in shorter, timed games. If you are a member but do not have an onlineplease contact our office atMonday - Friday, am - Private club Stratford mature lonely and 1 - pm. We will help you to activate your and password. Follow these steps:. You can pre-register anytime after 12pm on the Friday before the next week of play. New inregistrants can withdrawal from an activity through their online registration recreation.

To withdrawal, follow these steps:. In keeping with current government regulations to stop the transmission and spread of germs, everyone attending the Agriplex must strictly follow these instructions:. We are offering some activities via Facebook Live web streaming. A variety of activities have been ly recorded through a Facebook Live Stream. Our Travel Committee meets monthly to brainstorm and plan new and interesting day and overnight travel. Everyone is welcome on our trips, as you do not need to be a member of S.

All travel requires pre-registration and payment prior to departure. If you're interested in traveling with us, please visit our main office at the Stratford Agriplex during regular business hours to book your seat. Learn how to secure your spot, and review our refund policy.

Each excursion has a registration deadline and details are indicated below.

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TICO Click to view our current list of day trips. Hot and Sour soup is one of the ultimate winter comfort foods. It sorta just feels…. This quick, enriched bread is a great comfort food. About an hour and a half start to finish, it only requires about 15 minutes of active work and is really eye catching, especially if presented in a cast iron pan.

Scale this down if you're cooking for fewer, and feel free to make the dough into different shapes or bake them spaced out on a baking sheet, they make great sandwich and burger buns. An easy crowd pleaser Difficulty - Easy Meatloaf. It creates a sense of awe and wonder when you say the word Just kidding.

But it IS awesome, easy, and a great quick to prep meal. Plus the leftovers aren't so bad either! There's nothing super crucial, so use your imagination or stick to the script if you want to! NOTE: after cooking, there will be a large amount of liquid left over that can be made into a thickened sauce - don't throw it out!

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Mayonnaise - Basic Super quick and easy utility mayo, easy to modify Difficulty - Easy. If you have mayo you have a sandwich. You also have dips. You also have salad dressing. NOTE: this basic version will take a ton of different modifiers. Roast garlic, smoked paprika, lime zest, black pepper and onion, tarragon, saffron… the list is endless. An easy way to control your speed is to make a tiny nick or hole in the bottom of a plastic container like a yoghurt or sour cream container, and hold it above your blender then pour your oil into that.

If you have wrist problems or a hard time with controlling the speed of the dripping, this really helps. Vinaigrette - Basic Super fast and easy salad dressing or finishing sauce for pasta etc Difficulty - Easy. This is less a recipe and more of a proportion. Modifications are key here and this super basic recipe is really a template - the idea is to keep the ratio the same, or adjust it to taste according to what you like. Acids include lemon juice, lime juice, all types of vinegar, reduced wine, etc etc.

Oils can be changed and blended to use what you have on hand - combine neutral vegetable oil with any combination of other lipids like sesame oil, bacon fat, olive oil, grapeseed oil, duck fat, brown butter, etc etc. Want to add some olive oil? Go for it, but stick, approximately, to the ratio. This ratio is a great starting point but adjust according to your own taste buds.

Quick Pickles - Basic A standard brine for fast and easy preservations to be stored in the fridge Difficulty - Easy. These will keep almost indefinitely in the fridge, hence the name. Adjust your technique based on the vegetable to be pickled - IE if pickling carrots, add them to the boiling brine for a short time.

If pickling cucumber or peppers, both softer vegetables, boil the brine and simply pour over top of the vegetable to be pickled. NOTE: add extra aromatics or change the included ones based on where you want to take your flavors - really good combos are cumin with a touch of cinnamon, dill and garlic, coriander seed and chilli pepper, etc.

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Or go for it if you are a spice freak! Note that there is no salt in this rub recipe.

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Salt is often included in bad store bought rubs as a bulking agent. I always salt first, then apply the rub after. Difficulty - Easy This is a simple, basic BBQ sauce that doesn't skimp on flavor and will be awesome with ribs, chicken, steak….

If you want to swap it out for a few canned Mexican chipotle in adobo, go for it. This technique laden dish will show off a bunch of intricacies - how to form rustic noodles by hand, how to make a pan sauce using pasta water and reduced wine, multiple cook times and flavor development by layering ingredients.

The pasta water will reduce and grip the noodles other ingredients forming a supple sauce, and the acidity and salinity of the wine and bacon will pop in your mouth. Cavatelli is a wonderful and easy to make noodle - this version makes use of a kitchen fork to get the grooves in the noodles.

Or screaming children. That would scream Mother's day too. But the brunch classic of Eggs Benedict is nicer…. One of the key components, hollandaise, is a simple but sometimes finicky sauce for the home cook. This recipe is based around a heavy does of Pelee Island Reisling, which provides a great cross section of vibrant spring flavors that cut the richness of the sauce.

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We are going to demystify it a bit here, showing how easy it is to make, why it can go wrong, and talk about why it is best served right away - plus how to whip out great poached eggs, and a discussion of an upcoming lesson on quick curing of meats! Remember making mayo in week three? Our big Triple Down day of basics and essential kitchen techniques? Well congrats! You already know the moderately difficult part of making hollandaise, which is slowly building an emulsion. This is actually easy to pull off - the key is the timing in relation to the meal - hollandaise has a lot of butter in it and will solidify if allowed to cool, plus needs to be gently reheated, so its best made right before eating or kept warm, but below degrees.

Put you pot on the stove and fill it with hot water, enough to immerse the bottom of the steel bowl. Egg proteins coagulate betweenso you want to keep your temp below this range, but close. Make sure you don't shoot over.

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You can monitor this with a thermometer, or do it by sight, but keep your temp at a low simmer. A tasty, impressive plate full of tons of flavor and textures that uses inexpensive ingredients and a little pre-planning to great effect. This dish borrows technique and flavors from the Philippines and Japan, then fuses it back together into a lovely plated entree - as with all our recipes, this lends itself to TONS of adaptation! Rice cakes are great - crispy, crunchy and soft all at the same time, they are the perfect accompaniment for a meal of lush, fatty pork and stir fried veggies.

Besides being easy to make, they are a great use for leftover rice, and this technique mimics the crunchy rice you find at the bottom of a rice cooker - a real treat! Using pork shoulder, one of the cheaper cuts of meat you can get, we are going to whip up a crazily tasty accompaniment for the crunchy rice.

Cheap and easy to make, its a great beginner cheese and really one of the only ones that's practical to make at home, at least on a regular basis. The nice bonus here is that you can make enough of this for a family meal as a topping etc. Flour Taco Shells Flour tortillas are by far the easiest and cheapest of the fry bre to make, but done well they are also one of the best.

Masa Corn Taco Shells Masa is nixtamalized corn. Without going too far into the rich and actually super amazing history of it, lets just say that your doritos come from a cultural heritage that carries with it the narrative of the entire mesoamerican culture, including a major role in why certain cultures rose and fell. Bonuses here are that Masa Taco shells or tortilla are crazy easy to make and also gluten free, if you're one of those folk!

It's also healthy, full of lactobacillus and probiotics that occur in other natural pickles. PLUS: it tastes awesome. Give this days for ideal deliciousness, but once fermented it will keep for ages in the fridge so don't feel like you've made too much as there's no such thing! Eating well doesn't mean eating boring. This meal can be crazy fun - the Tabouleh component is incredibly good for you parsley is a great antioxidant and is full of vitaminsthe Yoghurt sauce can double down as a healthy chip dip and the sear on the lightly marinated chicken is even better done fireside in the backyard as it is on the stovetop.

The whole thing can travel safely well monitored of course for hours until you're ready to cook it. The star of this whole meal in my mind is really this Tabbouleh - it is SUPER refreshing and packed full of vitamins, protein and fibre.

Private club Stratford mature lonely

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Private club Stratford mature lonely