Party girl or couple

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Cut Outs. Next. Recent searches:. Create a new lightbox Save. Create a lightbox Your Lightboxes will appear here when you have created some. Save to lightbox. A happy young girl wearing her party dress is swinging from a gate in her garden, USA December Z Children: A young girl with an empty bottle of pills, which she had earlier swallowed at a Christmas party and was rushed to hospital.

A black and white image of three Australian white children, well dressed and standing at the top of a small set of stairs to a home in Sydney. Here the students are having a Valentine's party with food and drink at their desks in their classroom. Note the red hearts on the small paper bowls, on clothing and attached to desks. The 5 year old girl is wearing a pink party dress. The 3 year old boy is wearing 's suit with shorts, bow tie and knee high socks Young children outdoors by steps holding hands wearing Sunday clothes in USA in the s.

The three youngest, two little boys and girl are holding each others hands, England, UK. Here the students are posting Valentine's cards in their classroom. Note the red hearts on their clothing and attached to desks. The post box has been adapted from an old shoe box. Originally known as 'Rosebuds', they were were renamed Brownies by the founder of the Scout movement, Lord Baden-Powell as the young girls didn't like the name. In the 50s and 60s, the prom was more of a couple's event, where a boy would ask a girl to be his date and would escort her after picking her up at her home and having lots of picture taken!

Note the tartan wallpaper! The family group includes a grandfather, young woman and mother, 2 year old boy and four year old girl. The children are holding brightly coloured balloons. The family is dressed in Sunday clothes.

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The little boy is wearing a seersucker suit with shorts. A group of young people having a party with live music and drinks. Sweden s Party in the s. Men and women in 60s, 70s 80s style clothing at retro disco party vector illustration Group of minimalistic abstract retro fashion people wearing vintage clothes. Young man and woman dance on retro party or nostalgic discotheque. Flat cartoon Vector illustration of couples dancing twist s, s, s set. Female dancing club.

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Black and white photography. Retro photo shows female dancers. Cool wine graphic for invitations, posters and more. Silhouettes of two guys and girl wearing retro clothes in the s Mod style dancing Northern Soul We are Mods.

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Young man and woman dance on retro party or nostalgic discotheques, s, s. Flat cartoon c Vector illustration of couples dancing twist set.

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Michael Caine with his girl friend Minda Feliciano. November Z Photographer David Bailey today held a party in a Kings Road chelsea club to launch his book attended the party.

Party girl or couple

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