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Many people in their 50s to 70s now drink a half bottle of wine several times a week. The biggest jump in alcohol consumption has been among women.

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This revelation was made in the Norwegian Lifecourse, Ageing and Generation Study NorLAGwhere researchers followed roughly 3, persons over the age of 40 for a five-year-period. She is one of the authors of a new report from the Norwegian social research institute NOVA, which presented the study.

In the age group 50—59, This share is four times higher than among women aged The percentage of men aged 60—69 who drank that much was Only half as many men agedjust 8. Other studies show that when people are asked how much they drink, they generally imbibe much more than they admit.

Such underreporting, as it is called, is generally greatest amongst people who drink relatively much, Slagsvold says. We know a lot about the drinking habits of teens and young people. But relatively little research has been conducted on alcohol consumption in age groups that have been buying alcohol for decades without being asked to show any ID. Research reports published in recent years in Norway and the other Nordic countries show the same tendency.

It shows an increase in alcohol consumption in the county is highest among the elderly, both with regard to total consumption and frequency of drinking. Women are also a predominant factor here. Alcohol is said to dilute the blood, reducing cardiovascular disease, diabetes and certain types of strokes.

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He also rejects much of the positive news about the benefits of a little wine. If they do offer any documentation, it mainly suggests that alcohol can have a certain effect on cardiovascular disorders among middle-aged persons.

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In general, the elderly of both sexes are more harmed by alcohol than those who are a bit younger. The main reason is that the relationship between body liquids and fats change as we age. This means alcohol has a greater impact.

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Much happens to our bodies after the age of 65 to make us less tolerant of alcohol. Many elderly also use medications that do not mix well with alcohol.

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Knutheim thinks special warnings and recommendations should be given to older people. Knutheim also believes that medical doctors should be more forthright in asking elderly patients about their alcohol habits. By giving factual information regarding the effects of alcohol on the disorders their patients have, and how alcohol works in combination with their medications, they could nip the development of health problems in the bud.

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Many of the damaging effects of alcohol, such as memory problems, are hidden by other health disorders. The health authorities in Norway make recommendations regarding maximum alcohol intake. Knutheim thinks the recommendations for the elderly should be about five to seven unist, because they have less tolerance.

Women can withstand less than men. He adds that another important reminder is to refrain from a daily intake of alcohol. One immediate connection crops up when alcohol consumption rises among people over the age of 50 — their lives tend to change in this period. Their children have fled the coop. They also have more leisure time on their hands once they reach retirement.

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However, when the NOVA researchers kept track of the same persons during a five-year period, they found little support for such assumptions. People who underwent these transitions did not start drinking more. The population is well educated, more affluent, more people live alone, more live in cities and towns, individualistic values have become rather pervasive and women and men are on more equal footing.

The combined of the NOVA study indicate that the future elderly will consume more alcohol than their predecessors — especially women. The elderly population is expanding, values are changing and a mounting reside in urban rather than rural areas. A development in the direction of higher alcohol consumption will be, however, influenced by other factors such as health information and health concerns.

The same group needs to be followed for more time to monitor changes in behaviour, preferences and life situations which can have an impact on alcohol consumption. Read the Norwegian version of this article at forskning. There are twice as many murders in Finland as in Sweden, and most of the Finnish perpetrators were drunk. But there are fewer victims of organised crime in Finland than in Sweden and the Netherlands.

Young-onset dementia has usually been blamed on genetic causes, but a Swedish study has revealed nine other risk factors for the illness — with alcohol intoxication being the worst. If you drink a small amount of alcohol every week, you have a lower risk of developing asthma. Positive expectations towards drinking alcohol in Malawi will in the end promote drinking itself, according to researcher. Researchers have found traces of wine in jars, dating back to BC. The finds suggest that wine was imported long before ly thought. A glass of red wine is said to be good for the hearts of middle-aged people.

But there are no documented health benefits from alcohol in the elderly. Photo: Colourbox. Siw Ellen Jakobsen journalist. Mars - Middle-aged women are increasing their alcohol consumption the most, according to Britt Slagsvold, a researcher at NOVA.

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Photo: NOVA. Terje Knutheim is a psychologist at Borgestadklinikken, a regional resource centre for drug and alcohol problems. He thinks general practitioners should ask their elderly patients about their alcohol use. Photo: Borgestadklinikken. Good food and drink are often presented as the recipe for the good life. But for many elderly it can be too much of a good thing.

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Mature woman for drinks

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