Married dating in fort worth

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COM — Love is in the air this week, but it could come at a steep price. The company bills itself as a safe haven for local singles.

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The business states it runs background checks, interviews applicants, offers counseling, and plans events where local singles can socialize. Members can also peruse a private website of potential suitors featuring recent pictures of real, vetted people.

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That was just the start. The contract states that most of the fee is earned by the end of the initial interview. Since April, Kelley has spoken to five men on the phone but not a single conversation has led to a date. Sarah Riordan, the regional director of the Fort Worth Dating Company, sat down to explain how the business works.

She said members can trust they will not be catfished because every individual has been personally vetted by the company.

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How do you as a company justify charging something like that? However, Kelley showed CBS 11 how to generate matches for herself simply by entering preferences on the website app. We do have a much higher success rate than any other avenues out there just because the level of sincerity is going to be so much greater.

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But the member contract explicitly states that Fort Worth Dating Company does not matchmake. Ten months later, Kelley is still single. She said all she wants is a partner.

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Riordan said most contracts last for approximately three years, and the company does not issue refunds. Fort Worth Dating Company has been in business since Soaky Saturday, Sunny Sunday That just about sums up the weekend weather. DFW Weather. Three Texas cities have made it into the top 50 this year. Then the pandemic hit. Kelley went in for an in-person interview and stayed for the sales pitch.

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Married dating in fort worth

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