Looking for my hunnybunny

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This is a nickname said to a person who you love, like or is very sweet.

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Another endearment for 'darling'. I love you my Hunny-bunny. Hunny Bunny. The girl I love more than anything or anyone in the world. I would give the world if I could. She is the one I think of in the morning when I wake up, and the one I think of when I go to bed. Everyday, I yearn more and more of the soft kiss or small touch from my hunny bunny. She is all that I need and all I will ever need. She is the one I would ride my bike 6 miles every morning for. The one who I would open the door for even thought I have a broken collar bone. The one who, no matter what, I would pledge my undying love for every day, for the rest of my life.

I Love My Sara. I Love My Hunny Bunny. Shes the girl that's always on my mind, Shes the girl that I will do anything for, whether it's fighting an army to save her or just buying her random gifts to let her know I care. I will wait a thousand years just to be with her. I will stick with her no matter what. She is and always will be my hunny bunny.

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She will always be my courtney I love you girl :. A Hunny Bunny is any girl that means the world to yousomeone that you cant live without. Ready to jump at a moments notice to do good, or be nice to someone for no reason at all.

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On a summer day when the sun shines on her ever so fine peach furshe seems to precious to touchlike maybe its a crime or something. Her eyes are so big and have that pet me look. Oh and what a cute tail. On the other handher other nickname is " skitty kitty ".

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A bunni that is horny as fuck and likes to give other hunni bunnies blowjobs as frequently as possible. My sexy boyfriend.

Honey Bunny Song - Paul Shah - Prakriti Shrestha - 14 Million Views

I love him to death. Hunny Bunny is a Bee also known as Panda that I love with all my corazon y cabeza. We sing Hunny Bunny songs.

Hey Honey Bunny! I Know My Money Money!

Hunny bunny baby hunny bunny bee. You are my hunny bunny and that's enough for me.

Looking for my hunnybunny

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