Looking for 170lbs

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ed Jul 8, Messages 24, Reactions9, 10, Alleybux 3, Bones as in you can see the entire outline of my pelvis and a few ribs I'm guessing everybody has their views of what is skinny, thick and "super thick" Click to expand ed Aug 3, Messages 21, Reactions3, 2, Alleybux 23, Like this minus the belly See how skinny her body is otherwise?

ed Jan 24, Messages 29, Reactions 72, Alleybux 41, It depends on muscle and fat content. ed Aug 24, Messages 3, Reactions 7, 51 AlleybuxMary Jane Paul said:. A size 14 is big and that's not even skinny and it's plus size. ed May 14, Messages 3, Reactions 31, AlleybuxI'm the same height, 10lbs smaller but my fat rolls have fat rolls. Does she lift? Last edited by a moderator: Apr 21, MistressNae said:. I also consider her thick her thighs and booty.

ed Jan 14, Messages 27, Reactions8, 5, AlleybuxIt depends on how you carry it I guess. She looks great at I feel fat at Last edited: Apr 21, ed Feb 16, Messages 1, Reactions 4, Alleybux 99, ed Dec 23, Messages 1, Reactions 21, Alleybux 77, That's why BMI is off for very athletic people, but accurate for "average" and sedentary people. ed Dec 16, Messages 20, Reactions5, 3, AlleybuxWe weigh around the same.


No one would call me a bag of bones but I have a long slender neck, my collar bones are very pronounced, all my bones are and you can count all my ribs by looking at me. I have a low body fat percentage, and a lot of muscle DEXA scan confirmed. I have a legit big frame, long slim fingers and long feet narrow feet. I just have a lot of thighs and titties. Welcome - What Real Women Look Like This site is really good you can pick people in your weight and age range and see how other people are built. It just seems small because most people are so damn fat. People comment on my collar bones all the time, and I think it is mostly because people are so fat they don't have them.

The chick in the original video, hers are just barely visible. That is also the reason my muscle mass is so high. Someone that had never been super morbidly obese, and was my weight would look and be sized totally different. There are a lot of factors that into mass vs density when it comes to humans. If I had a thigh lift and a tummy tuck, I'd drop 10 to 15 pounds easy. ed Nov 25, Messages 21, Reactions2, 2, AlleybuxPeople carry weight differently. ed Jul 14, Messages 25, Reactions5, 2, Alleybux 60, At 5'5 andshe's about 20 lbs out from being within the "healthy" range, according to BMI.

That's not much. She doesn't look bad, she's obviously not about to be on lb life, but she may consider not gaining any more weight and adopting a healthier lifestyle so that she can remain healthy throughout her lifetime. Jus' sayin'.

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And looking good has nothing to do with being healthy, there are plenty of beautiful fat women who wear clothes well, but diabetes and hypertension doesn't give one fuck about what you look like. ed Aug 24, Messages 7, Reactions 88, 2, Alleybux 76,, ed Jun 13, Messages 19, Reactions16, 29, AlleybuxAlso what about how much water women carry, and how much mass their bones weigh.

Weight does not tell everything. ed Aug 2, Messages 19, Reactions 68, AlleybuxTDiva said:. ed Mar 11, Messages 28, Reactions6, 3, AlleybuxTechnically Serena Williams is overweight yet she has 11 percent body fat. LeBron james is considered overweight as well. ed Oct 20, Messages 41, Reactions4, 4, Alleybux 16,, I barely got muscles. Asians need a chart with slightly lower weights for each height whereas Blacks and Polynesians need charts with higher weights for each height due to our heavier average bone mass and muscle mass.

However, this girl could stand to lose about 20 pounds. She doesn't look fat -- it looks like most of it is in 'good' places like her hips, butt, and thighs but she is still borderline overweight. ed Mar 25, Messages 11, Reactions 90, 3, 1, AlleybuxIt really depends on frame and the type of weight. A larger framed person who is 5'6, and muscular will look very trim.

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Person of the same height who isn't muscular and has a small frame will look pretty fat. Because their small frame will mostly be carrying fat. Fat appears larger than muscle because it's not as dense. There's also less space for it to spread out because the person has a small frame. I am 5'7 around but I know girls slightly taller than me who weight much more but look smaller. It's because my frame is tinnyyyyy. I am a lot more toned now so I look pretty small and being tall helps.

However, if most of my weight is fat, my small frame can't carry it well. I will LOOK fat for sure. ed Sep 5, Messages 3, Reactions 40, AlleybuxShe weighs more than me by 30lbs and I'm 5' ed Jun 1, Messages 3, Reactions 36, Alleybux 94, People really need to understand frame size. It really changes everything. Two women can be the exact same height and have two very different frame sizes.

You need to measure the diameter of your wrist and the length of your elbow t, while you arm is at 90 degree angle to get a better idea of your frame. That woman is a large framed woman. She can carry extra weight and look fine. With that said, she's overweight. However body fat percentage along with waist measurements should also to be factored into the equation. Chris Partlow. ed Nov 14, Messages 32, Reactions4, 3, Alleybux 11, Not everyone's body type is the same though.

Looking for 170lbs

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I can't seem to get definition (especially abs) @ lbs/6'2/<10% body fat. Why?