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My Various Dares? I'd ordered my favourite slab and was alone in the house with nothing but an X-Box and a cat for company. For note I live in a seaside village about 20 minutes away from the big city. It's quiet, secluded and although it has neighbours on both sides the fence is so high that I quite often stroll about the house and yard completely starkers. It's what I do. When I heard the car come up the drive I quickly stripped off my clothes, kicked off my jandals and wrapped a towel around my hair. He knocked on the front door which means we could be seen from the road and when I answered it the conversation ran something like this: Pizza Guy: Talking to a slightly opened door Hi, is this four-four-seven?

Surfergirl: Yeah, look, sorry. I can't open the door fully. Just got out of the shower. At this point the chain was on the door and I could feel my heart racing I'm standing totally naked before a total stranger! Even with the door blocking his view it was still exciting! PG: Laughing No worries. That's sixteen ninty-five. I slipped off the door chain and reached out handing him three ten dollar notes. SG: Keep the change. TG: Wow, thankyou very much I opened the door up a little more and reached out.

The door was now about a third open, but most of my body was hiding behind it. PG: Here ya go. SG: Ta mate. I leaned out and took the box with one hand, and made sure I reached out far enough that my left tit came into view. I was so excited by now that the nipple was as long and hard as it gets, and I have veeeery long nips!

If he saw my nipple And there was no way he could miss it! I thought I might have seen just a flicker of a smile but I'm not sure.

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PG: Thanks a lot. After he left I wandered back into the lounge, sat naked on the carpet with my X-Box and cat and enjoyed my pizza. I'm sure the pizza guy had a nice story to tell his workmates. I'm also certain he'll volunteer to come back next time I order something.

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It was a real thrill to talk to someone like that and know that I was being a little naughty. It certainly made my pulse beat faster and while I don't think I could ever go full monty to a total stranger, I'm wondering if next time I could do it in my underwear and open the door fully Food for thought. Today I went to the gym as normal and spent about forty minutes working out like I usually do. It was such a hot day that I thought a swim in the indoor pool might be a great way to cool off at the end.

After my workout I went back into the changing room, peeled off my tee shirt and bra and replaced them with the top part of my string bikini. It's black with dark blue laces. At this stage an idea hit me. I'd had an online exchange with an author friend of mine who told me about a girl he knew. This girl had a knack for losing her clothes accidentally: bikinis coming undone etc. He was convinced she did it on purpose. So I thought "Why the heck not?

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The neck strap is in two pieces as well so I tied that one loose as well. Not so loose that it would come undone while I was walking to the pool. I hoped anyway!


During the day my gym runs aqua-aerobics classes which normally have a dozen people in them, at other times the pool usually has up to ten people. I grabbed my towel, locked my bag away and wandered down to the pool wearing bikini top, black shorts, panties and shoes. When I got to the pool I noticed it had three other people in it.

An Asian guy and two middle aged women. I kicked off my shoes and pretended to be occupied in adjusting the tie on my shorts I planned on just using them like swimming trunks.

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The pool is about chest deep on an average person and twenty-five metres long. When just one of the women was looking at me and the Asian man had his back turned I took a step forward and dived in. Firstly the strings on my bikini top held, but as they were so loose both of my tits popped out as the force of the water dragged them down. I also had my legs spread slightly upon entry and this let the force of the water do one more thing. It felt absolutely thrilling and naughty all at the same time.

My heart was racing, both at the sudden shock of the water hitting my body and at the thought that I might be seen. I cam up for air with my back to the other swimmers Facing the main entrance to the pool, no-one came in thank goodness and, keeping my tits under water, shoved them back into my bikini top. Then I quickly, but hopefully not too obviously, pulled my shorts back up. It was just a brief moment but it felt very exciting. As with my last little escapade it left me wanting more.

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After I swam around for a while I got out and went back to the changing rooms. It felt good to strip off, shower and get dressed again but all the time I was thinking that maybe next time I can do it without the panties mmmm' After checking that everything was in place I made my way into the diary.

It's actually a diary with a big liquor store attached to it. I walked in and there were two women, three guys, and a girl behind the counter. Suddenly I felt very self conscious. I mean, it was a room with a large amount of air conditioning. Not to mention all the fridges and freezers around the walls. My nips suddenly decided it was a good time to get erect and it was then pretty bloody obvious I had no bra on!

Slightly red I approached the two women. They looked like mother and daughter, with the younger one about my age. I stood beside them and pretended to be deciding what to get out of a fridge. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed that the younger one was certainly checking me out. Feeling brave I turned to face them briefly before wandering off.

They would have had to be blind to not see I was bra-less. Next was the three guys. They were all about my age too. As I wandered past one of them said "Hi" so I stopped to talk to them. They all seemed really nice but one in particular had a lot of trouble looking me in the eyes when talking to me. By this stage my nipples were really poking out and as all these guys were taller than me they could easilt see most of my petite tits. I just pretended to ignore them, but it was hard because I flet like I was trembling a little with nervousness.

At about this stage I realised I could use a drink. I pretended to struggle with one of the packs, bending over so they could all see down my top. When I straightenied up and asked very nicely if one of the guys could carry this for me they all volunteered.

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