Blond hair mixed with black

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Most people think natural blonde hair has always been attributed to Caucasian or very light skin people only, with black women or men being directly associated with very curly, dark hair. However, this is not true.


So let us explain. African people with blonde hair actually originates from Australia, where the Melanesian population is. They are the main population of a wide Area in New Guinea, and they are very well known for… Get this. The thing that is so catching about them is their very dark skin mixed with curls of gold, because yes, their hair might be blonde as the sun, but they still have their ature curly hair as black.

Now, as to exactly it all began, we would have to take a look back in history, but to sum things up, it is believed that black babies with blonde hair pretty much came from the Melanesians, who at the same time came from the black population of the Solomon Island.

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You see, according to science and history, due to the large exposure to the sun and the salt in the water people of the Solomon Island were constantly living under, their hair naturally began to turn blonde. Cutest Curly Hairstyles for Mixed Toddlers.

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Popular Hairstyles for Black Kids. To sum things up, blonde black kids have existed for quite a while now, but it is thanks to social media and globalization that we have begun to see them more often, and little by little getting used to their blond curls.

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So now you know the reasons behind black kids having natural blonde hair! Related Posts. Leave a Reply Cancel Reply.

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